Lansare Eccentric Orbit Volumul 4-Dimensionfold Publishing

Dragi prieteni, vă place SF-ul? Vă place poezia?Dar poezia Science Fiction?
Lansare Eccentric Orbit, volumul 4- Dimensionfold Publishing – SUA. O antologie premiată de-a lungul timpului.
Onorată sa fiu selectată cu poeziile Chaos Theory (Teoria Haosului) și Escape from Matrix( Evadare din Matrix).

Și versul meu preferat din Teoria Haosului ✨
„Se croiește nevăzuta închisoare din fracții dure
Ne înconjoară cu invizibile gratii, ne ating și ne ard
Ne țin captivi în gânduri, în credințe, în întuneric
În timp ce energiile scad, se pierd și apoi dispar.

Din universul fractal nu mai rămâne nimic
Atat de cuprinși suntem în iluzii de o clipă
Ne zbatem in visuri moștenite și zile induse
În timp ce se destramă din gândul nostru, conștiința infinită.”- Teoria Haosului.
Mai multe detalii despre carte și link-ul mai jos.
Thank you Dimensionfold Publishing!

Like Sci-Fi? Like poetry? How about some sci-fi poetry!

Over the last 3 years our Eccentric Orbits Science Fiction Poetry anthology has garnered critical acclaim including three Rhysling Award nominations for our internationally renowned authors.

Volume 4 of Eccentric Orbits is now available.
**Fabulous science fiction poetry and scifaiku by a very talented international group of poets. There’s robots, there’s aliens, there’s intergalactic war, there’s the eternal quest for peace, there’s love found and love lost. Underneath it all, is the quest, the truth, and the realization of humanity.” – from the editor Wendy Van Camp

Science fiction poetry is significant in our cultural landscape. It allows us to explore the boundaries of our imaginations. Speculative fiction has been a genre that pushes the limits of what is possible. Imagining how worlds and societies differ from our own, yet in a context that is understandable with the values of today.

The poems of this anthology grapple with complex ethical and moral issues. From exploring the effect of technology on our lives to the dangers of AI or unrestrained scientific progress, the verses remind us the choices we make will have far-reaching implications. They challenge us to think about the worlds we want to create for ourselves and our children.

In this volume, you will hear diverse voices from every corner of the globe and from many cultures. Represented are many of the finest poets in the speculative community. There are also a few debut poets gracing the page for the first time. I hope you find their words to be intriguing and allow you to consider new possibilities, both futuristic and fanciful.

The book is available here:

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